photo ainsel

Who am I?

Born in Rennes in 1992, I took a STI Applied Art A level and then continued my practice of drawing on my own. I learned the technique of metal engraving.

I mainly draw with Rotring or pen, mechanical pencil and watercolour. I draw a pattern in a recurring way, these small sinuous lines require both abandonment and concentration, drawing them is done in a rather meditative state. I have defined my style gradually, and focus my work on ‘silent beings’. Thus my subjects such as plants are immersed in apparent immobility or silence but are brought to life by the work of detail.

My encounter with art

I have been drawing since I was very little; my first influences were my walks in my parents’ garden, as well as comics and cartoons which no doubt gave me a taste for circled shapes.

A project close to my heart

My illustrations appeared on the vinyl cover of a queer and feminist music label from Rennes, Black Lilith Record. 

I am the author of the Tarot Artemisia published by Arcana Sacra.

My dream, my aspiration

“Along with drawing, I create articulated dolls that mobilize a wide spectrum of emotions; this is something that I would love to pursue. They are inspired by ball jointed dolls, dolls made of polyurethane resin or porcelain whose realism and diversity of the morphologies represented are fascinating. By building a doll piece by piece, it comes to life; it’s a new encounter every time.” (Ainsel)