Camille Oarda
Camille Oarda Artist - Art Print Collector

Who am I?

I grew up in a family where art is part of everyday life: a painter mother, a photographer brother, a sister at the Beaux-arts in Paris… During my studies at the Estienne school, I decided to devote myself to engraving. I did an internship in the studio of the printer René Tazé, then, thanks to grants, traveled to Mexico, Greece and Israel. I also had the opportunity to work in the engraving workshop of the Beaux-arts in Caen / Cherbourg and of the Arts Décoratifs.

The guiding line of my artistic work is the medium I have chosen, engraving, mainly on copper or wood. These practices feed off; from one medium to another, things are connected. I am interested in the notion of landscape, but especially in the material that emerges from it – cloud material, rock material ..

My encounter with art

With art in general, I don’t know, but when I arrived in Estienne, engraving was a revelation: the smells, the tools, the acid room, the large presses … huge, timeless game. The atmosphere, the mood, the rhythm are special: there is always a kettle, we make ourselves a cup of tea … This is something that immediately pleased me and led me to devote myself to this technique.

A project close to my heart

It is a project that has matured for a long time and is not completely finished, a woodcut – a rather thin medium that I dig with my gouge – monumental which represents a mountain. It is made up of 18 panels and measures a total of 4.50 x 3.90 m. Printed, it will be an immense kakemono, an immense printed rice paper which represents a gigantic mountain covered with clouds. The idea is that we feel immersed there as I am when I dig, that we do not necessarily see the landscape as such, but that we walk through the lines, the clouds that melt in the rocks …

My dream, my aspiration

“What I really want is not to give up now. I am on the way – this is what you see in my landscapes, in the themes of wandering, exile, walking, which are dear to me. We do not know exactly towards what goal, but we are moving forward.” (Camille Oarda)