Claire Fanjul
Claire Fanjul Artiste Art Print Collector

Who am I?

I was born in 1986 in Liège, but I am French. During my university training, I did a thesis on engraving combining the work of ancient and contemporary artists and my personal practice. I then switched to drawing, while keeping the vocabulary of engraving: the habit of working freehand, without sketches, as for an etching, the meticulousness of a work that spans many hours, its almost meditative aspect, its restraint… These two elements are found in my professional practice: I gave engraving lessons at the university and made drawings in collaboration with brands – Hermès, Harmonia Mundi, Atlantic Records…

I drew only with a pen for a long time, then I switched to Posca markers so that I could create on 3D shapes. I like that you can manipulate them and turn around as if the drawing never ends. I compose as I go and I see the patterns appear, juxtapose, and take on meaning according to what surrounds them, which leaves the viewer with room for personal interpretation. I am also interested in the variety of textures and materials, earthenware, the grain of ostrich eggs, the grain of the wood …

My encounter with art

I was told that as a child, I draw all the time, and I never stopped. I really liked being able to express myself and create a world of my own. What I was drawing was very fantastic, imaginary, with characters, a lot of animals, and finally quite close to what I can do today!

A project close to my heart

At the moment, I am working on old wooden jars in the Egyptian canopic genre. I am drawn to crafts; where many see a barrier between fine craftsmanship and pure contemporary art, I just like to switch from one to the other. For Hermès, for example, my art was applied to a scarf, and I may have the opportunity to work on ceramics.

My dream, my aspiration

“As I do small formats, I would like to see a room that would be entirely covered with my drawings – digitally enlarged of course, projected, for example – where we would be immersed in my universe…” (Claire Fanjul)