Claire Huntley
Claire Huntley Artist - Art Print Collector

Who am I?

I live near London, have a degree in Art and Graphic Design and have been a web designer for years. In 2017, I decided to turn to freelance illustration. This is what I had always wanted to do, and a move and a change of job gave me the chance to take the plunge.

I only work digitally; I rarely do sketches on paper. I mostly use Photoshop, which I have used professionally for over twenty-five years, but when I started four years ago, I preferred Illustrator, especially for vector drawing. My style is constantly evolving and it is very different from what it was then. It’s not as flat anymore, as vector as it used to be, and I use a lot more textures. About half of my work is commissioned, the rest is personal work. These two practices influence each other a lot. If everything around me feeds my creativity, cinema is one of my main sources of inspiration; I dedicated a series to it.

My encounter with art

Not really, I don’t remember a particular event. I drew a lot when I was little and then I continued. I always knew I wanted to do something art-related, even though I wasn’t necessarily sure what form it would take.

A project close to my heart

I am currently working on illustrations for a teenage magazine, Teen Breathe. I don’t know exactly when it will be released, but it’s two spreads for an article that talks about diversity and how teenage girls see themselves in the future in terms of their careers, regardless of their age or ethnicity, and the barriers they imagine they have to overcome for some of those careers. The question of diversity in illustration interests me a lot. I find it to be a tool that has a lot of impact from that point of view.

My dream, my aspiration

“I would really like my work to appear in major newspapers and magazines, especially in the areas that are most important to me.” (Claire Huntley)