Juliette Jouannais
Juliette Jouannais

Who am I?

I am a painter and sculptor. I studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and then taught in an art school for twenty-five years, while continuing my personal research. I started to present my work in the 2000s, in collaboration with the Charlotte Norberg gallery and then with the Exit gallery, in art centers, in France and in Europe. In 2020 at the Fernet-Branca Foundation, the exhibition “Un tout de nature” allowed me to display a large part of my works.

My work, whose vocabulary of forms has been constructed from observation “after nature”, evokes both visual and sensual feelings of fleeting moments, often linked to sensations, dazzling. It has evolved into a visual language that retains its imprint. In a specific space, the elaboration of the forms that I build takes place as and when. Paper is my favorite material. At the beginning, there is a harmony of colors which are woven, inhabited by tensions; patterns may appear. The cut asserts, gives air, connects with space. Positioning in this space can be done flat or in relief. The backs of the paintings are colored, the distance from the hanging wall generates a colored drop shadow as well. The volumes are put in place to stand, in suspension, or posed; the cutouts give an impression of lightness. The movement of bodies, whether human, animal or plant, fascinates me as does the light that reveals and brings shapes to life. All the arts allow me to feel, to think, to create, to experience happiness.

My encounter with art

I have been drawing since I was very little; my first influences were my walks in my parents’ garden, as well as comics and cartoons which no doubt gave me a taste for circled shapes.

A project close to my heart

Recently, my illustrations appeared on the vinyl cover of a young queer and feminist music label from Rennes, Black Lilith Record. We will continue to work together; a divinatory tarot card project is in preparation.

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My dream, my aspiration

“Along with drawing, I create articulated dolls that mobilize a wide spectrum of emotions; this is something that I would love to pursue. They are inspired by ball jointed dolls, dolls made of polyurethane resin or porcelain whose realism and diversity of the morphologies represented are fascinating. By building a doll piece by piece, it comes to life; it’s a new encounter every time.” (“Ainsel” Aurélie Franjeul)