Liana Zanfrisco
Photo Liana

Who am I?

I was born in a small town by the Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy. 

The blue line of the sea that runs through my city is the first image I observed. 

My parents have always supported my passion for art, allowing me to study, first at the School of Art, then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. 

At the end of my studies, I unexpectedly decided to go to Germany. I felt that there was still a lot to know, to study. It has been a long journey, sometimes hard, I have nearly lost my way several times, but at the end I can say that I did learn many things. 

The experience abroad lasted more than seventeen years, lately in Belgium. I met there the artists of the Belgian surrealist movement, and approached Pataphysics through friendship with Andrè and Odette Blavier. I wrote my thesis for the Kunsthochschule far Medien in Cologne, Germany, on the artist Odette Blavier. The title was “Months and Gifts” by Odette Blavier. During those years, I have also went back to school to pursue my studies in media arts in Cologne. 

Then, I returned home to Italy and back where I started. A few months ago, I set up my workshop in the old family home.

My encounter with art

I have always been happy to go to school. However, the first years were difficult, I didn’t really understand the meaning of the subjects I was studying. Then, still very young, I discovered the history of art and although there was no one to explain it to me, I immediately understood this language. In the light of my new discovery, everything makes sense and that’s how at the beginning of primary school, I began to have in mind this strange and irrational desire to become an artist. 

I really need to satisfy my inner will. Fortunately in our family, art has always been a value. I have grown up among the catalogs of artists, the colors and the brushes of my father. After graduating from art school, I have enrolled in the painting center of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. They were fruitful years of meetings and studies. Today I can say that everything I learned built mysel. 

I’ve always missed those figures that an artist encounters on their path, sometimes by luck or by being able to search for them. More than proper meetings, I had literary references. 

First of all Simone de Beauvoir. I have read and seen everything about her, listened to interviews, studied essays, it has been absolutely necessary that I have filled the void that I had not been able to fill. From an artistic point of view, the shock comes with Louise Bourgeois. Obviously, my luggage are full of people, conversations, images, experiences; first from the years spent at the Academy of Rome and then from those at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne Those years have been a great opportunity to meet important artists, many of whom are still my adventure companions today.

A project close to my heart

In recent years, I have discovered that the mean of expression that suits me the most is drawing: simple, fragile, nomadic as I have always felt. Since 2021, I have been working on the mapping of memories through family landscapes.