Marie Lhomet
Marie Lhomet

Who am I?

Visual artist, I have studied art history at Tours University. After an upgrade classes of applied art (MANAA), I completed a graphic designer-illustrator diploma which I obtained with honors. 

I started a career as colorist illustrator with a solid expertise.

Alongside my commission work, I quickly freed myself from contraints to let myself be guided by colors and paint in a meditative way.

These more sensitive artworks are parts of private collections around the word (Japan, USA, Europe).

The following years are marked by exhibitions at Unesco, Grand Palais and historical Salons like Salon des Beaux Arts for which I am since 2016 President of Paper, Papers section and curator.

In 2010, Art Print Japan’s CEO discover my work and offers to acquire all my artworks. Also, he invited me to Japan for a fruitful and exciting collaboration.

Indeed, since ten years, I travel this country for signings, meetings, sales with my Japanese community of fans. On the occasion, I discover papers, the importance of contemplation and the perfect imperfection of gesture.

In 2019, different prizes and rewards, including ODI prize endowed with 10,000€, have been awarded to me.

Lorand Hegyi, art historien, former Director of Saint-Étienne Art Museum et current Art Director of The Parkview Museum Beijing/Singapore writes about my work this same year.

« Marie Lhomet’s pictorial universe reveals a poetic, intimate, fragile and emotionally intense inwardness, which witnesses the search for human “micro-situations” and the deep desire for finding solid, silent, harmonious inner areas of empathy. The simplicity, transparency and tranquility in her works correspond with her general aesthetic view at life and nature. »

Dr.Lorand Hegyi Art Historian / Art Director of The Parkview Museum Beijing/Singapore 

My encounter with art

I come from a family where hand and hand’s work have always be important. My great-grandfather, graduated in fine art, paved the way. It was while studying art history that I thought to myself that creating is essential to me.

My most beautiful encounter is with paper, handmade or recycled. This material isn’t fragile. It is like me, sensitive. I make mine artisanal and secular techniques. I try to achieve a know-how of gesture, of human, of transmission.

A project close to my heart

From fiber to finished work, I transform, I create everything with my hands: I have thus realized the importance of developing my practice towards something more eco-responsible. 

There is the water, essential for the creation of paper: I try to transform my workshop to consume as little as possible and to recycle it. And then there is the paper, every bit of which is reused until it is exhausted. I mainly use plant binders like neri and rice glue and I never stop looking to use dye plants used since Neolithic times to dye my fibers. My last gesture on paper is always an addition of wax, vegetable or bee, used since Antiquity (we find a description of it in the encyclopedia of Pliny the Elder) as a painting technique. Waxed surfaces then become less porous, denser and impermeable to water and dust. Witness of my time, I started a series on lichens and mosses: evidence of atmospheric pollution which will be presented during exhibitions, the first of which at the Orangery of the Senate in July 2021 as part of the operation ” L’été au jardin ”and the second on the occasion of the Salon Art Géo 200 in December 2021 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Geographical Society.

My dream, my aspiration

“I dream of making paper in volume. I am preparing a dance performance with three costumes, a sort of animated sculpture, inspired by the folklore of yokai (Japanese ghosts) and man of the woods.” (Marie Lhomet)