Nina Melan
Nina Melan

Who am I?

Nina has lived and worked in Palermo for more than a decade now. She landed on the big island of Sicily after a long wandering started in Milan in May 1976.

After a childhood made up of French adventures, Campania and Brianza, always hidden in some bush or hole among the rocks, or lying on tables and lawns to chase dreams on scattered sheets with a pencil, she passed from the formidable scientific high school in Turin, only to discover she wanted to follow her passion for arts. She chose the job of fresco restorer and with it a life made of further wander through Venice, Genoa, Trieste and many other splendid places including, finally, Palermo. Finally home.

Through her soft, clean works and overflowing with small details, one immediately senses Nina’s silent wonder and eternal childhood.

She has always been restless and metamorphic and can always be recognized through a few peculiar characteristics: leisure, obsession with greenery, lengthy contemplation of tiny things and negligible stature.

My encounter with art

The creative urgency invaded me during my period in Venice. I was working as a fresco restorer during the day but I was always creating art in the night. Arrived in Palermo I abandoned fresco restoration to become a full time illustrator.

A project close to my heart

I create polymateric still life compositions made of small lost items I collect during my walks in town or exotic journeys abroad. They are called “Portastuzzicadenti”, literally “toothpicks holder”.