Ruth Gurvich

Photo Ruth G

Who am I?

I was born in Argentina. After studying painting at the School of Fine Arts in Cordoba, I traveled to Paris in 1987 to continue my studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. I am interested in the artistic production of different cultures, in objects that have acquired such aesthetic value that they have become icons characterizing the art of a society. My interest in perspective and its codes of representation led me to build my paintings in three dimensions in the form of paper models. At first, the painted models are accommodated, flattened, to restore the two-dimensionality of the painting. Very quickly, I kept the 3D models and installed them like still lifes or fragments of landscapes. In 2002, an exhibition at the Musée de la Céramique Adrien Dubouché in Limoges “Just to see” gave me the opportunity to install my paper works at the heart of the collections. The rapprochement between porcelain and paper, its effects, led me to develop a series of porcelain works from paper models during a residency at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Limoges then a residency at the Jean-Pierre Fabrègue Cultural Center in Saint-Yriex La Perche. ​ Today, I work in collaboration with different manufacturers with which I have created collections with different types of materials. In porcelain, “Lithscape” (2008), with the Manufacture NYMPHENBURG in Munich, in silver “Ceremonia” (2011), with RICHARD ORFEVRE in Paris, in textiles “Littoral” (2012), with the Manufacture PRELLE in Lyon and in glass (2017) with Manufacture Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt in Munich. My installations composed of works in paper, porcelain or silver overcome the boundaries between applied arts and plastic arts and question us, I hope, about the body of the object and its representation. The watercolors presented on the ART PRINT COLLECTOR website are inspired by the hunting decorations specific to European table services as well as the motifs represented on Delft tiles. The animals emerge from the bottom of the paper, on the alert, on the lookout or suspended in the infinite space of the sheet of paper.

My encounter with art

Since my childhood, quite naturally I liked to paint and draw. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics appealed to me. My parents took us to see exhibitions. They liked the contemporary design and furniture and shared it with us. I have always wanted to study art in Europe. My first trip to Paris only confirmed my initial intentions.

A project close to my heart

I have been thinking about a project for glass and crystal tableware for several years. I hope to be able to make it happen soon.